About SkyLib

SkyLib is made by Skylib AS and development is ongoing.


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How to use SkyLib

Sign up

Signing up is easy and you can use your existing Facebook or Google profile to log in, or you can create a new account with SkyLib. We need to know your rough location to show you the items that are available near you, and to place the items you add close to you.

Borrow items

To find what you are looking for, type in a search phrase in the search box in the top right hand corner. If you are logged in, the search will only show you items that are located within 50 km of your location.

Alternatively, you can go straight to the category of items you are interested in by clicking "Browse" and selecting a category. You can even select more fine-grained categories in the category box above the list of items in each category. When you select a category, all the items in that category and its subcategories are displayed. For instance, if you select "Media", you will also see items from the "Books" category which is a subcategory of "Media".

When you have found the item you want to borrow, click the "Borrow" button next to the item if you are in the items list, or the "Borrow" button next to the item's owner if you are on the product profile page. An email is sent to the item's owner which will approve or reject your request to borrow. The more items you are sharing yourself, the higher the likelihood that the owner will let you borrow the item.

If the owner approves your request, the contact details (email) of the owner is shared with you, and the two of you may arrange for you to pick up the item. When borrowing something, tell the owner what you will use it for, and when you will return it. Handle borrowed items with care, and return items on time. SkyLib is not responsible for the conduct of users, nor for lost or damaged items.

Join groups, make friends

There are many items listed in SkyLib that are only visible among friends, friends of friends or to members of specific groups. If you can't find what you are looking for, try looking for friends among SkyLib's users and add them as friends. They are likely to add you back, and thus increasing the number of items you have access to. Likewise, joining groups increases the number of items you have access to.

Add an item

When you want to add an item, click "Add", then "New Item" in the top menu. From here, you may add an item by typing in either a title, a barcode or an ISBN number (for books). The text boxes have an autocomplete feature, so if the item is already in SkyLib, you only have to select it from the list of suggestions. If your item already has a product profile, you are taken to that profile, and you can share it simply by clicking the "I have it!" button. When you've clicked "I have it!", you have to enter some information specific to your copy of the item you are entering, such as who are allowed to see it and its condition.

If the item does not appear in the autocomplete list, you may add it by typing in the full title, ISBN or barcode and then clicking the "Add" button. You are then taken to the product profile creation page. If you have entered a barcode or an ISBN number, it is likely that some of the fields are already pre-filled. Once you have created the product profile, others can re-use it, so you're helping everyone! When you click save, you are brought to the screen where you enter information specific to your copy of the item.

Remove an item

Go to your profile by clicking "People" -> "Me". The items you have are listed below your profile. Simply click "Remove" on the item you wish to remove.

Wanting an item

If you want to borrow a specific product, but no one is sharing it with you, you can click the "I want it!" button on the product profile to let your friends and people near you know. You will be notified by email if a friend or person nearby adds the item.

SkyLib is currently in a beta phase. Development is ongoing and feedback is much appreciated. Questions and feedback should go to post@skylib.com.